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Can My Business Benefit From An Answering Service? YES!

How To Determine If Your Business Can  Benefit From An Answering Service

An answering service can be a vital tool for many business types, but how do you know if your business is ready for that next step? If you can answer yes to any of the follow scenarios common for our customers—before they signed up for our answering service—then our services may be exactly what your business needs.

  • You struggle to keep up with the high call volume your business receives.
  • There is not a universal, professional way for your office to answer the phone.
  • Method of taking messages and sending notifications is not universal and messages are missed.
  • There is a long wait time for your customers before staff is able to answer their call.
  • Your work or an employee’s tasks are delayed due to constant phone calls.
  • You’ve missed a sale due to a missed phone call.
  • Your customer’s may need to reach you after hours for an emergency, but you’d like someone to verify the extent of emergency before the call comes through.
  • You would prefer a digital method for receiving call notifications and messages over calling into your voicemail.
  • If your staff is out sick or on leave, there isn’t anyone to answer the phone.
  • Your employees travel often and do not have a central location or phone line to receive phone calls.
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Answering Service Benefits Large AND Small Busniess

Whether you are managing a large business or keeping a local business running, there are often many important tasks you need to complete before the day is through—and answering the phone, while important, doesn’t always make it to the top of your list. Keep your customers at the front of your attention without the distraction of taking a call—with CallStar®’s answering service.

What Can CallStar®’s Answering Service Do For You?

Our answering services are available to all business models and every day of the year, including holidays, around the clock—365/24/7! We also have several measures in place to ensure we stay up and running no matter the weather or external factors to continue providing you with the answering service your business needs.

With our answering service your business can always take the calls it needs to, regardless of the day or time, allowing you to focus your attention in other areas of your business.

With CallStar®, you set the rules and we’ll answer the phones as an extension of your business. We can patch calls, screen them and appropriately transfer them, take messages, provide an automated message of important office information, and more. We also provide you with a voicemail message delivery service of choice—text, email, or call-in—so checking your messages is efficient and effective for you.

You can be rest assured, with CallStar®, your customers will always be greeted professionally and pleasantly—and after the first ring! Never miss an important call or message while saving on the expense of a full-time receptionist or in-house call center. With a business answering service like CallStar®, you’ll always be able to provide the excellent customer service you’d expect from any employee.

Change Your Business For The Better With CallStar® Answering Service

Contact us to learn more about how our answering service can benefit your business. You can also read more about our answering service and some of the common business models we provide our services to or check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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