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Why You Should Be Using an Answering Service to Handle Employee Callouts

How does your business handle employee callouts? By tying up your business line or via a dedicated employee callout line?

Handling employee callouts on a direct business line can be time-consuming and jam the lines available on your business’ number for wanting customers.

Here’s the solution to accurately managing employee callouts while freeing up your phone lines for customers: an answering service.

How Does An Answering Service Help With Employee Callouts?

Answering services provide a toll-free phone line just for employees who work for your company to call in their unexpected absence prior to their scheduled shift. An answering service enables the handling of employee callouts around the clock—24/7/365, including holidays! As a business owner, tracking work attendance becomes easier with an answering service, and employees never have trouble reaching someone to log their absences appropriately and timely.

Using an answering service to handle employee callouts helps prevent employees from sharing the main business line with customers—which can help in several ways.

Set your own requirements. A business owner can request specific information is taken by the answering service to allow for a more streamline gathering of information amongst all employees. Information like their name, employee ID, reason for absence, how long they plan to be absent for, and the department they work for are all examples of this.

Streamline your callouts The gathered employee information can be given to the business owner, department manager, or appropriate HR employee by the answering service in a variety of ways. Your management team can receive text messages, emails, notifications from the answering service—the ways that a business can be notified about an employee callout are endless.

Accurate recording and tracking of callouts. Choosing an answering service company to manage your callouts can also reduce the chance for an inaccurate recording of employee information, employee reason for callouts, or a missed callout.

Free up employee time and increase productivity. When an answering service is handling your callouts, an internal employee is not. This can cut back on the miscellaneous duty of recording callouts and more time to complete other important work-related tasks, increasing workplace productivity. When employees can focus on their main job, more can get done! 

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