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Why Choose An Outsourced Answering Service Over Using Voicemail?

Small business owners commonly handle many aspects of managing their company—answering phones, following up with leads, conducting sales, creating products, shipping and invoicing, accounting, and so much more! With all that is going on, it can be easy for a phone call to be missed or for a customer to attempt contacting you after hours—but that’s what voicemails are for, aren’t they?

What if there was a better option for your business? One that could provide assistance not only when you can’t come to the phone or it is hours passed when you want to but could take over your customer service interactions while still delivering the suburb experience your customers expect from your business, freeing up even more of your time.

What option is this? An answering service from Tampa Bay’s leading company.

What Is An Answering Service?

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CallStar® is an inbound call center based in Tampa, FL. We receive and manage the inbound calls for all sized businesses from a variety of industries. At the simplest, we are a call center for other companies, but we do so much more than handle an influx of calls. We provide customer care and support to your business to help you manage your regular tasks and company growth.

We frequently assist law firms, doctor offices, repair companies, retail stores, and others in answering their customer calls and inquires. Our team of customer service representatives is available at any time, so we can manage your calls during your office hours and help you extend those hours by providing an answering service after hours, including holidays!

Why Choose An Answering Service?

While voicemails have been the default solution for busy business owners and companies after hours because of their low cost and ease of use; however, customers desire much more—to speak with an actual person. Nearly 3 out of 4 customers will hang up when they reach the voicemail recording rather than leave a message.

Customers call because they have a need that needs met—a question, a complaint, information is needed, or an order needs to be placed. These things can’t be done through a voicemail and waiting to receive a response can be frustrating.

Our customer service representatives can take these calls, answer customer questions, and provide the help they are looking. When a call needs to be transferred in house for more in-depth handling, will we either transfer to the line you prefer, or take their information to share with you—however you choose to take care of these rare calls.  

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Reliable Answering Service Guaranteed

CallStar®’s U.S. based location has a stand-by generator to continue our services in the event of power failure or local emergency. Our server room and all operator work stations are protected by battery back-up. For added reliability, CallStar® has three internet sources and three phone carriers. Your calls and messages will be answered and distributed properly to prevent any disruptions to your office. If you would like to inquire about our pricing plans and services, please call us 800-370-1131.

Award winning phone answering service with U.S. based office. Let us help increase your productivity with 24/7 service 365 days a year.
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