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Why Choose An Answering Service For Your Law Office

When you choose CallStar® as your answering service at your law firm, you are getting award-winning service with customer service representatives familiar with taking calls for legal practices.

Being an attorney is a demanding profession, often with large caseloads and several overlapping filing deadlines and court appearances. That doesn’t even include the necessary communication with clients, partners, paralegals, investigators, office staff, law enforcement, and a judge’s office. To handle a large portion of the communication, law offices will typically employ a secretary, or office manager, or delegate the job to a paralegal.

However, as with any position tasked with answering a business phone, other job duties can be interrupted or delayed by constant calls or lengthy conversations. Outsourcing your law office’s phone answering to screen and direct your calls can regain a significant amount of time and attention from your employees who are normally burdened with calls.

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Why Choose An Answering Service For Your Law Office

Filter Priority and Non-Priority Calls

Using an answering service to take your law office’s calls can help filter out nuisance calls and those looking for basic information such as office hours or directions. When your staff doesn’t have to take these calls, they can remain busy with other duties. Based on the rules you set, our answering service can rank and prioritize calls—transferring them to the appropriate attorney or staff member—or take caller information for a scheduled callback.

What Services Does An Answering Service Provide

Expand Office Hours Without Staying at the Office

Court may have ended for the day but that doesn’t mean a client or colleague won’t try to reach you after you have gone home for the day. An answering service can help field these calls for you and only forward the calls in need of immediate assistance and take caller information for calls that are non-emergencies so you can contact them when you are back in the office the next day. CallStar® is available 24/7365; every day, all day, even on the weekends to provide answering services for your law firm.

Unburden Yourself & Staff and Improve Work-Life Balance

When you entrust your after-hour calls to an answering service, you unburden yourself and any staff members who may receive similar calls; providing time to enjoy hobbies or time at home to destress from the workday. This and alleviating the burden of answering calls can also improve workplace satisfaction and productivity.

Maintain Client Satisfaction

Clients are happier when they can reach a live person associated with your law firm rather than an answering machine. Studies have shown people are more satisfied when they can communicate with a live operator—a professional representative who can help meet their needs rather than a computerized voice that can’t do anything for them. Even if the call is marked for a call-back, the caller is still satisfied that their need to speak with someone has been met and now has the next step to look forward to.

Bilingual Language Services

CallStar® has a large customer service representative population who are bilingual and able to answer questions and direct calls for a larger population serviced by your law firm. Your Spanish-speaking clients may know some English but may find it easier to communicate their exact needs in their native language, and CallStar® answering service reps are able to provide assistance.

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Speak to CallStar® About Answering Services For Your Law Office

Together, we will create a system to manage your inbound calls to best assist your clients or other callers while freeing up time for you and your staff to handle cases.

Call or send us a message to inquire how phone answering services for your law firm can make a difference in your time and productivity. Our phone answering services are award-winning!

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