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6 Reasons Why A Live Answering Service Can Increase Your Productivity

There are many ways of checking company productivity and even more ways business professionals and consultants may share to improve your overall company productivity. One of the often-missed methods with some of the greatest company-wide impact is a live answering service.

It may be astounding to hear how answering a phone call could have such an impact on your business, but we are here to share just how much this is true.

Here are six ways an answering service could increase the overall productivity of your office, firm, or small business.

  1. Never Miss A Call

Forget playing “phone tag” with a prospective lead when you have CallStar®’s live answering service or annoying them with missing a call in the first place. When your business can always take a call—regardless of whether you are in a meeting, taking an early lunch, or handling a private appointment—your business is always looking professional and incoming calls are being handled in the manner you see fit. When most people dislike leaving a voicemail or listening to a prerecorded message, your business benefits with a live answering service. Your productivity is better controlled with an answering service who takes calls professionally and manages them for you.

  1. Refocus On Daily Operations

Answering, directing, and managing phone calls can be a full-time job in and of itself. That’s why some places have a receptionist, a full-time employee dedicated to taking the calls you can’t miss but don’t have the time to handle yourself. Save your company money and opt for a live answering service. When your call volume is high, your productivity drops when you are managing calls rather than the daily operations that keep your business running. This becomes exponentially more important for small business, where many employees multi-task different job tasks. With a live answering service taking control of your phone calls, you (and your employees) can redirect focus on important job tasks.

  1. Field Non-Essential Questions

Many calls a business may receive are prospective customers asking general information—like office hours or a store’s location. With a live answering service, you can have these calls fielded and answered professionally and have more important inquires transferred to the appropriate contact within your business. This frees up your employees to handle other matters while still providing exemplary service to your customers.

  1. Reduce Interruptions

Any interruption in your processes of conducting business can affect your productivity—they force you to refocus your thoughts towards a completely different task and then you have to refocus them back on your original task. Taking phone calls throughout the day on top of your regular workload can be a big interruption to you (or your employee’s) productivity. When having to refocus from a task to a call, there is a chance the phone call could be mismanaged because thoughts are on another project or restarting the task is delayed when thoughts are still focused on the call. Using a live answering service enables you to continue to take calls but without the constant interruption to you or your staff.

  1. Become Better Organized

You may not think much organization goes into a call but with a live answering service, all caller information is recorded, and the message is passed to you via your preferred method (e.g., text or email). This enables you to set aside a block of time to respond to calls and client requests rather than handling them continuously throughout the day.

  1. Save Money

A recurring theme in many of these other examples is the cost saving benefit of a live answering service over a full-time employee to take phone calls. When your business can save money on this aspect of your business, these funds can be put to better use, like upgrading equipment or hiring another member to your sales team. With CallStar®’s call answering service, you only pay for what your use—per call, not per minute—which can save you exponentially more than other call answering services.

Flooded With Calls? Get A Live Answering Service For Your Business

Letting your calls go to voicemail or be answered by an automated system may not be ideal for your business type. When communication with a customer, client, or associate is a vital part of your business, but the calls are overwhelming or distracting, then opt for a live answering service to keep your productivity up while maintaining the relationships of those who need to reach you by phone.

We provide an array of answering services, so if you aren’t sure if a live answering service is what you need, contact us to discuss your options and we will help you identify the best solution.

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