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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Live Operator?

Customer service is the cornerstone of every business—communication with customers, vendors, and clients defines your business’s bottom line. Poor customer service can affect your company’s revenue in addition to its reputation. Customer service is present in all aspects of your business—from sales deals and placing material orders with vendors to customer calls. A poor experience in any of these areas could affect your business. When it comes to sales and vendors, it is common to manage these departments in-house while customer-facing communication can be left lacking. Too often companies try to restrict customer contact as a means to cut back on overhead costs—pushing email-only contact, chatbots, or having an automated service answer phone calls. This lack of personal touch can frustrate, or worse, drive away customers.

More effective communication and customer support can be provided by a live call answering agent service. To maintain a good reputation among customers and stay competitive when other companies are cutting back on customer service, a call-answering company with live agents is your solution.

In addition to providing quality customer care, a live-agent call answering company can also provide your business with these added benefits:

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Increase Sales

Live operators can help improve sales numbers and provide an opportunity for up-sales in a way that a bot or automated answering service cannot.

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Increase Customer Loyalty

Customers continue to do business with companies they trust—like the ones they know they will be able to get a hold of if they need to.

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One Call Resolution

Customers can have their problem addressed during the same call (or same day should they require a call back by a higher member of your team) with a live-agent call answering service.

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Immediate Answers

Customers can be provided the information they need immediately upon asking without having to try to navigate through an automated system to find their answers.

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Employee Support

By outsourcing your call answering, you free up time and responsibilities placed on your in-house team. This can make them more productive in other tasks and provide quality service when they need to interact with a customer.

Industry Leader Of Call Answering Services

CallStar provides award-winning customer service and has for the last 17 years—we are the recipient of the Association of Teleservices International (ATSI) Award of Excellence.

The Association of TeleServices International (ATSI) is the industry’s Trade Association for providers of telecommunications and call center services. The ATSI evaluates the service levels of answering services and call centers to their clients before granting the Award of Excellence. The scoring criteria for this award evaluates response time, courteousness of the answering representative, accuracy of the call, knowledge of the account, and the overall impression of the call.

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