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The Benefits of Using an Answering Service with a Remote Workforce

Are you looking to boost efficiency, cut down on downtime, and increase productivity at your remote workforce? Getting an answering service may be the way to bring your remote workforce to that next level!

Understanding the Basics of an Answering Service

Answering services are staffed by third party centers that stand in as representatives for your company. The staff at CallStar® is professionally trained in exceptional customer service and response skills. They answer a variety of calls from customers, client’s business partners to anyone who calls the remote workforces phone number!

An answering service is all the perks and benefits of a secretary or receptionist job while being cheaper and able to handle a larger call volume. Also known as a "virtual receptionist", they can schedule appointments, redirect and forward calls, take messages, answer calls and fit your needs into any corresponding aspect of their job. They are most often signed through a contract whether it is pay per call, per minute of usage or per month.

What are the benefits of using an answering service?

  • Single point of contact: No need to have a vast number of phone numbers and directory lines with an answering service! They serve as a one stop shop for anything and everything that involves your remote workforce.
  • Keep easy connection between your companies’ members: With a workforce, employees can be present all across the country, for keeping that line of communications readily available is always a challenge. A call answering service allows the members of your remote workforce to contact each other easily with not wait times or extensive amounts of different directories. Whether they are trying to be connected with a certain department or individual, they can reach who they need to immediately with no problems.
  • Gives your business a professional and reputable look: An answering service like Callstar® gives your remote workforce that professional and reputable look. Customer service is their specialty, and they can ensure that no matter the reason for their call, that the person on the other end of the line leaves happy.
  • Allows you to save money and not have to hire a secretary or receptionist: A full-time receptionist or secretary is expensive! Salary, benefits, spending time on interviewing applicants, background checks and your time are all ways that your time and money are spent during that process. With an answering service, you can cut that large amount of time and money spent out! You get the identical service and will only pay per the minute of use instead of paying that salary for a 9-5!
  • Fewer interruptions for your remote workers: It is common for remote workers to get calls that can interrupt their line of work. With an answering service, there are no more interruptions! An answering service will enhance your efficiently, productivity and minimize interruptions.
  • Allows your company to respond 24/7: No set hours here, answering services work around the clock. Open 24/7, you never have to worry about missing a call or missing out on any business opportunities. They are always there and always ready to accept calls and perform great customer service no matter the time!
  • You can forward calls, take messages and make appointments easily: Depending on the answering service you use, you can customize your responsiveness and acceptability. Many answering services allow you to answer and forward calls, schedule appointments in a software, input customer information, and more!

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