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Signs You Need A CallStar® Virtual Assistant

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Having a receptionist at your business is great, but imagine having a virtual receptionist that you only pay when they do something for your company. Aside from scheduling appointments and handling customer correspondence, having an in-office receptionist can sometimes be a waste of money because you still pay that employee for their down time. This hourly wage you’re paying an in-office receptionist could be benefiting your business more if you hire a virtual assistant instead!

A great perk of hiring CallStar® as your virtual assistant is how much money you could save! CallStar® only charges by the call, not the length of the call; therefore, you only pay for what’s done to benefit your company—no matter how long it takes! Unlike having an in-office receptionist or answering service that charges by the length of the call, you are paying a flat rate per answered phone call inclusive of the message taken, call patched, or notifications sent. This is very influential in your company’s overall profits and spending because spending less money on labor allows you to profit more in the long run or use the extra money in areas that need it most.

Having a virtual assistant is also very time efficient. In today’s digital world, everything is online and done at lightning speed (good Wi-Fi willing). A lot of times we can do something virtually much faster or at more convenient times than we could in person. Now imagine taking an entire area of your business, whether it be customer service or call dispatching and basing it online, that calls for some efficient service! There’s no waiting to serve your customers around an in-office assistant’s other job tasks, lunch break, or by closing time—with CallStar®, things are done fast, conveniently, and with exceptional quality.

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