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Reasons Law Firms Need An Answering Service To Handle Their Inbound Calls

Legal issues happen and they keep the phone ringing at your law firm. Many times, these calls can come in at all times—after business hours, weekends, and holidays. This can add a lot of strain for an already busy law firm and lead to a risk of a poor client experience, one that ends up as a low review or a lost client.

What is the solution for law firms to better manage inbound calls?

An Answering Service! And we don’t mean a user-friendly voicemail system, but rather a live person handling your calls when you are too busy at the office or enjoying yourself off the clock.

Taking calls around the clock can lead to burnout for anyone, and this can feel compounded for attorneys who feel as if they are never truly off the clock and always thinking of solutions for their client’s cases.

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Reasons Law Firms Need An Answering Service To Handle Their Inbound Calls

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Finally, Clock Out

With an answering service, you don’t have to forward calls to your cell phone after hours. You can officially clock out of work and let us handle taking your calls, filtering them, and only interrupting your off time when it is truly important. Let us know which calls to take messages for and mark for a callback and which to forward to you—or receive a notification about.

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Leave Blank Voicemails In The Past

Relying on a voicemail system to capture calls you miss during or outside of business hours may seem like a viable way to go, but it isn’t always reliable. The majority of callers hang up without leaving a voicemail, so there is still a chance of missed opportunities. There is also the risk of callers feeling as if they have had a poor experience with your business and leaving a poor review based on this interaction (or rather, lack of interaction).

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Never Miss A Call

Whether you are off the clock, on vacation, or busy with another client, never worry about a missed call (and a potential client). With a live representative answering the phone for you, your business will never miss a call, current clients will always feel valued to have someone to speak to, and potential leads won’t just go down their call line looking for an attorney to answer their phone.

Reliable Law Firm Answering Service Guaranteed

Having any inbound answering service take your calls may seem like the right solution. How different can they all be? As different as attorneys can be.

You’ll want to select an answering service company with a reputation for outstanding customer service. They will be representing your business, after all. CallStar® has received the top award in the industry for the last 17 years! We also recommend doing your due diligence and researching how the company operates, what benefits they provide your business, and how they prevent delays in its answering service to minimize disruption to your business calls.

Things to ask your prospective answering service:

  • Do they have backup power in the event power is lost?
  • What happens if the answering service company’s phone provider’s network goes down?
  • Is there a backup source or provider for their internet to continue accessing their software?
  • How do they answer each call? Can you customize this?
  • How do they pass caller information and forward phone calls to you?
  • Which calls are important and how are they handled?
  • How is the answering service billed?

CallStar® has contingency and redundancy plans to ensure we can keep taking calls, even during emergencies. We also discuss with our clients how they want their calls to be answered, categorized and filtered, and how calls or messages are passed on—these options are set by you! Every call we take is important to us, but we can mark certain callers or reasons for calling higher in the call hierarchy and handle it according to your company policy. We also bill a little differently than others. We charge per call, not per minute. Our focus is on taking care of the caller, no matter how long it takes—and you shouldn’t have to pay for that!

Contact us today to discuss how our answering service can be the right fit for your law firm. We also offer two weeks free to see if we are the right fit for you. Find out if you qualify for this trial by giving us a call. We look forward to speaking with you.

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