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Real Estate Call Answering Service With CallStar

It is common for real estate agents to be away from their office—showing properties, assisting during the closing, or preparing homes for sale. When out of the office, real estate agents have to rely on their office voicemail system or take calls on their cell phone (or if busy with other clients while out of the office, the cell phone’s voicemail system as well). Constantly relying on voicemail systems can be hard on your business—as we have discussed in our other blog: Outsourced Phone Answering Service VS In House Voicemail System. So, what other options does a real estate professional have for handling calls when they are out of the office? CallStar® Phone Answering Services is the solution for real estate is the answer you are looking for!

Why CallStar® Phone Answering Service?

We are a (SEVENTEEN YEAR) award-winning phone answering company. Our professional answering service provides your real estate clients with a live representative to speak to rather than a recording. Our customer service representatives can help to answer simple calls or take client information and pass it along to you for call-back on your schedule.

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Reasons Real Estate Agents Need An Answering Service To Handle Their Inbound Calls

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Finally, Clock Out

With an answering service, you don’t have to forward calls to your cell phone after hours. You can officially clock out of work and let us handle taking your calls, filtering them, and only interrupting your off time when it is truly important. We can send you notifications of the calls received by just about any method (text, email, etc.) and patch calls you deem a high priority directly to your personal line.

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Clients Are Never Left Waiting

We also have the highest operator-to-call ratios in the industry, so your clients will never experience long hold times or busy signals when they call. Incoming calls are answered on the first ring with a custom, branded message, so your clients will believe they are speaking with your company, not ours. We have bilingual staff to always assist any of your callers.

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Never Miss A Call

With a call answering service, you never miss a call—and your clients can feel more valued talking to a real person rather than being left to go to voicemail. With a live representative answering the phone for you, your business will never miss a call, current clients will always feel valued to have someone to speak to, and potential leads won’t just go down their call line looking for an attorney to answer their phone.

Reliable Answering Service Guaranteed For Your Real Estate Company

Contact us today to discuss how our answering service can be the right fit for your real estate business. We also offer two weeks free to see if we are the right fit for you. Find out if you qualify for this trial by giving us a call. We look forward to speaking with you.

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