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Plumber With Emergency Service – A Call Answering Service Case Study

A mid-sized plumbing company with fast growth began to realize they were missing leads and needed more organization in dispatching their crew of plumbers to routine and emergency calls. The owner was being interrupted more than desired while off the clock to manage emergency requests and to help sort out which employee was next in line for a call.

They sought from us a 24/7 call answering service that would:

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direct calls within regular operating hours to specific members of the team.

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flag daytime emergency calls for immediate staff callback.

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patch after-hours calls that qualified as emergency plumbing needs to the on-call plumber who was next in the rotation.

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improve lead documentation of callers interested in general services and submit information to the sales team.

CallStar Call Answering Solution

After a discussion with one of our account managers, the needs and requirements of this company were noted and a tailored call answering service was formulated to meet their desired needs. A script was built with qualifying criteria for classifying emergency customer needs accurately to help ensure our customer service agent could respond to the plumber’s customers in the same manner as they would expect directly from the owner or any of his staff.

Call Answering Services Bring Results

Following the establishment of their new call answering services, the owner of the plumbing company was better able to enjoy time after hours, knowing that his business now had improved streamlined processes and automation of calls answered. Customers with emergency needs were being handled in a quick and efficient manner while potential leads were being followed up with by the appropriate team member.

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