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Outsourced Dispatch Answering Services In Tampa For Trade Businesses With After Hours Calls

Technical and service-based companies in greater Tampa Bay, like HVAC technicians, IT, plumbing, roofers, and storm remediation, are often those who find standard business hours don’t work for their line of business as many clients have emergency need for services after 5pm has come and gone.

How do those in these industries find balance between maintaining their business, keeping customers happy, and modulating their own personal time?

How can they ensure the after-hours “emergency” call is truly an emergency and not a service call that can wait until tomorrow morning?

How do they provide adequate customer service when woken up in the middle of the night and maintain privacy by not giving out their personal call phone number?

The answer to the questions and common issues within these Tampa businesses is: An outsourced dispatch answering service.

Outsourced Dispatch Answering Services In Tampa For Trade Businesses With After Hours Calls

What Is An Outsourced Dispatch Answering Service?

During your “normal”, daytime business hours customer calls are usually fielded by an employee or even yourself. They listen to the customer’s needs, rate the level of their need and either dispatch a technician or schedule a date for a repair service call.

An outsourced dispatch answering service is who takes over when you and your employees are ready to go home and rest after a busy workday to continue taking care of your customers after hours. Whether we are clocking in on your behalf at 5pm, 6pm, or even later—we take on the late night and early morning calls. Our well-trained team is equipped to match your customer service values and deliver the same customer service at 11pm as is expected at 11am when your office is open.

An outsourced dispatch center can help filter calls and use your same checklist to qualify an emergency response or make a priority scheduling for first thing in the morning. You or the assigned technician(s) for that evening will be forwarded any requests that qualify for an emergency response, so your evening is only interrupted when it really should be.

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How Can An Outsourced Dispatch Answering Service Benefit My Business?

There are a multitude of reasons for opting for a dispatch answering service. Some of the most important benefits to your trade business can include the following:

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 Satisfy Customer Needs

Besides helping customers when they need you to be available, having an outsourced dispatch answering your calls after hours also satisfies a customer’s desire to speak with a real person. Leaving a voicemail, completing an online form, or sending an email are all valid ways to reach a company—when there isn’t an emergency. Having an outsourced dispatch answering service allows customers to speak to a person, which can improve their overall satisfaction with your company.

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Eliminate Costs of Full-Time Employees

An outsourced answering service saves you from employing and training an additional employee for after hours to handle calls—and can be your call answering service during the day, eliminating the need for a full-time front desk staff. In addition, you can also contract work to your after-hours technicians, paying only for the jobs they receive after hours from the outsourced dispatch rather than paid to wait around the office for a call to come in.

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Pay Only For Service Used

CallStar® only charges per phone call and we don’t base our rates on the length of the call either, so customers can spend their time describing their issue or need. This means on slow nights you aren’t paying for someone’s salary or overhead just to have staff in-office for the chance of a phone call after hours. You can maximize this by having your outsourced dispatch handle calls for you around the clock, which also ensures a consistent and professional customer service representation for your business during and after hours.

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