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Is CallStar® HIPAA Compliant? Can You Take Calls For Healthcare Facilities?

Yes, we are HIPAA Compliant and serve several healthcare facilities in the Tampa Bay area as well as those around the country.

As a medical professional, you are committed to helping patients get the care and treatment they need, whether routine services or emergency assistance. Your office staff can be freed up to work directly with doctors and patients in your office while our answering service assists with answering basic questions regarding your office hours or location, taking non-urgent messages, direct appointment requests, and rapidly dispatch urgent calls to the appropriate on-call physician.

Healthcare Answering Services

HIPAA Compliant Calls & Encrypted Messaging

HIPAA Compliant Calls & Encrypted Messaging

During your “normal”, daytime business hours customer calls are usually fielded by an employee or even yourself. They listen to the customer’s needs, rate the level of their need and either dispatch a technician or schedule a date for a repair service call.

Appointment Management Services

Our Spectrum OnCall manager program allows us to accurately input your schedules and contact the correct on-call person. You choose the best method of notification from our qualified staff to get your messages quickly.

No Long Hold Times or Busy Signals

We have the highest operator-to-call ratios in the industry, so your patients won’t experience long hold times or busy signals when they call. Incoming calls are answered on the first ring with a custom, branded message specific to your facility and your patients are quickly connected with a live, U.S. based agent. Bilingual staff are also available to assist your callers who may need it.

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Emergency Call Follow-Up

In case of device failures on message delivery, CallStar® verifies every doctor-to-doctor and emergency call by following up with the caller within 15 minutes to verify the doctor called them.

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Peak Hours and Messaging Options

We help manage the high volume of calls doctors’ offices get during peak hours and holidays from patients who only want to know when your office is open. Callers can choose to speak to an operator (urgent), leave a non-urgent voicemail message, or hang-up once they hear a message about office hours. You save money when callers only listen to your custom message and hang-up because those calls are FREE.

Reliable Healthcare Answering Service Guaranteed

CallStar®’s U.S. based location has a stand-by generator to continue our services in the event of power failure or local emergency. Our server room and all operator work stations are protected by battery back-up. For added reliability, CallStar® has three internet sources and three phone carriers. Your calls and messages will be answered and distributed properly to prevent any disruptions to your office. If you would like to inquire about our pricing plans and services, please call us 800-370-1131.

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