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How To Make Your Small Business Thrive

Benefits of a Live Answering Service for Any Small Business

Running a small business is no easy feat, especially if you are managing all points of your business. When things become too overwhelming, aspects of your business (or your own personal life) could suffer. Customer service or customer attention may be cut as you work to complete orders or reversely orders may be delayed as you handle customer calls, inquiries, or lead follow-ups. Trying to be available after hours for customers to make up for your absence during the day as you handle sales and leads can eat into your personal life and add more stress to your life.

Delegating tasks to an employee (or hiring an employee to delegate tasks to) can be an excellent way to keep things within your business on track. However, there are other resources available to small business owners that can help you manage your business without the full cost of a new employee.

Partnering with a live phone answering company can remove a significant burden from your entrepreneurial shoulders. Customer and sales calls can take up more of your time than you realize and are an important aspect of your business because customer service is vital to a business’s survival. Freeing up your time by delegating your customer service and phone answering to a trusted outsourced answering company can boost your productivity and have a ripple effect throughout your entire business.

Here are seven benefits of utilizing a phone answering service for your business.

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Increase Productivity With A Phone Answering Service

Answering calls is important, but also time-consuming and a distraction from other tasks. Unless you wish to pay for a full-time employee to handle calls to free up your other employees, a phone answering company provides the same service for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Passing the responsibility of answering calls to an outsourced partner reduces interruptions of an employee’s (or your own) momentum, enabling more work to get done in a timely manner. Removing the responsibility of answering calls from the job enables your staff to dedicate their focus to more profitable tasks.

A Phone Answering Company Can Help You Manage Labor Costs

As mentioned, a live phone answering service is more cost-effective than training, onboarding, and providing benefits to a full-time employee. For a small business, managing costs and overall expenses are important to keeping your business running.

This is especially true for start-ups on a limited budget. A phone answering service allows you to still provide exemplary customer service without eating up your own time or budget by bringing in a receptionist.

As an added bonus, the savings you experience by outsourcing a part of your workforce, you can reinvest in other areas of your business and target greater growth.

A Phone Answering Company Can Help You Manage Labor Costs

Using a Phone Answering Service Reduces the Need for Training New Staff

There is a significant amount of work and time that goes into bringing on additional employees. You have to determine your workforce needs—if you need a part-time or full-time worker, appropriate wages and benefit packages, and experience desired—and then spend time looking for your ideal candidate before moving into onboarding and training. These initial steps alone are time-consuming, not to mention the training needed to not only ensure your new employee can do the job but also to make sure they represent your business and company culture. This is more of your time and focus taken away from other areas of your business.

A live answering service removes the stress of looking for and hiring a new employee and frees up your time to focus on areas of your business that need your attention. CallStar® Answering Service has won an industry award for outstanding customer service, so your customers will be in expert hands and your business and the customer service your business is known for will be portrayed.

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Handle The Unexpected With Outsourcing Your Phone Answering

Emergencies happen—power goes out, closures occur, an influx of calls occurs, or personal events take precedence over work. With a phone answering company managing your customer calls, you, your staff, or your business overall can experience a hiccup without disrupting your processes or customer interactions. We have the staff to handle extra calls after a major marketing effort, the training to provide consistent customer service, and the resources to stay operating during power issues.

A Live Phone Answering Company Can Help Maximize Your ROI

Your return on investment (ROI) is a vital bottom line for many small businesses and entrepreneurs. Your marketing budget is wasted if your sales calls are not answered because you are too busy with other customers. A phone answering company—one providing a live agent to take your calls, especially—can help eliminate this concern. All calls are answered after the first ring and each lead is provided with the appropriate attention. Calls are forwarded or customer information is recorded as you see fit.

When your sales calls are answered, you can make the most of your ROI on marketing and lead generation.

A Live Phone Answering Company Can Help Maximize Your ROI
Enjoy Productivity and Profitability After Hours With A Live Phone Answering Service

Enjoy Productivity and Profitability After Hours With A Live Phone Answering Service

Answering calls yourself after hours can take away from your personal time and put you at risk of burnout. However, having a business open to customers 24/7/365 can provide you with a more competitive edge. You can get the best of both worlds—personal time and an “always open” business model—with a live answering service in your business toolbox. You take your free time, and we will take and manage your incoming calls.

Provide Your Customers With Reliability and Consistency With CallStar®’s Phone Answering Service

Each call taken by a CallStar® Phone Answering Service is answered with the same branded greeting, and each agent is well-trained in providing excellent customer service. Your customers will always get the same service they expect of your company each time they call.

A phone answering company also follows a set procedure for handling calls, so service and outcomes are not only reliable for customers, but for your business as well.

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CallStar® Answering Service For Your Small Business

These are just some of the many benefits our clients experience while using our call answering services. For small businesses, these perks can help take them to the next level of operation and growth. Gain a viable tool for managing your business with minimal impact on your time.

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