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How Our Inbound Call Center Can Help You With Your Medical Practice

Medical practices have been in high demand, especially since COVID. Incoming calls, answering questions, scheduling appointments and dealing with all other correspondence can be a lot for a receptionist team to take on. So how can you solve this problem while also reaching every customer in a timely manner? Hiring an answer service! They are a team of professionals who specialize in customer compliance and correspondence while also working around the clock from a remote location outside of your practice.

The following are some examples for why hiring an answering service might be the right move for your medical practice:

CallStar Call Centers Are Known For Their Excellent Customer Service Skills

Our call centers are full of trained professionals who specialize in customer service. No matter the situation they are always ready to take on a customer’s request with ease. It is a fact that people are more likely to give a company their business if they practice efficient customer service skills... hiring an answering service could grant you more business in the long run!

Check out our recent 2021 ATSI Award of Excellence and see just how amazing our answering service can be for your business!

CallStar Call Centers Aren't Limited To Certain Hours

Medical emergencies happen around the clock, they aren't limited to a 9-5 time frame, and neither are our call centers. Receptionists can't work all through the night and are usually working 8-10 hour shifts during different scheduled days of the week. Call centers are open and working 24/7/365. Never leaving a patient left behind; your medical practice will always be open for business.

Hiring CallStar Answering Service Can Save You Money

Receptionists in the medical field make on average $27,000 a year. This pay includes both when they are working and not working while on the clock. Call centers are only paid for the time that is actually used towards your business. Never pay for excessive amounts of down time again with a call center on your side. Read more benefits here!

CallStar Answering Services Can Make For A More Efficient Office

A business can't operate efficiently if not all parts are moving at all times. An around the clock answering service allows for a fast pace, cohesive, informative piece of your medical practice that keeps everything moving along.

Interested in hiring an answering service? CalllStar is an award-winning Tampa based phone answering system/ call center business that can fulfill all of your answering service needs!


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