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How Do I Choose The Right Answering Service For My Company?

Picking the right answering service is the next step after realizing your business needs one, and it is very important to choose an answering service you trust to represent your company. 

When choosing between answering services, keep the following in mind:

Look for an answering service that offers per-call billing.

This kind of billing allows charges you per phone call received rather than by the length of the phone call. This can limit overpaying, which is especially important if you often receive long calls from clients. CallStar® offers per-call billing as a means to provide clients with an economical way to handle incoming calls from their customers.

Decide if your business needs an all hours or just after-hours answering service. 

This decision is ultimately up to you and is based on the customer service you provide. For companies that already have an in-house answering service during business hours, a strictly after-hours answering service may be more ideal to provide continuing customer support. But if your call volume is high enough to need the 24/7 attention of an answering service, then don't settle for just after hours. The point of this service is to be there all day, every day for your customers - weekends and holidays included - without the overburdening of your own staff. 

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Make sure your answering service provider is fully US based.

Companies that are 100% US based are known to offer better service and can drive up customer satisfaction, especially if your customer service line handles any sensitive or personal data. Many consumers also appreciate supporting US based companies, so this can provide your organization with a competitive edge. CallStar® is headquarted in Tampa, Florida and is the premier provider to many businesses in the surrounding Tampa Bay area as well as a call answering provider for companies across the United States. 

Interested in hiring an answering service? CallStar® is an award-winning Tampa based phone answering system/ call center business that can fulfill all of your answering service need. Contact us to learn more about how our answering service is the right fit for your business!

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