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How CallStar® Answering Services Can Help Your Medical Office

When you choose CallStar® as your answering service at your medical facility, you are getting award-winning service with customer service representatives familiar with taking calls for the medical industry and HIPPAA-compliant practices.

Our answering service company can provide your medical office with the following services:

  • Inbound call answering – always on the first ring!
  • Call screening & transfer – we’ll filter and direct calls.
  • Experienced customer service – we’ve even won awards for it!
  • HIPPAA compliant – encrypted messaging for patient security.
How To Build Your Brand With Your Answering Service

How CallStar® Answering Services Can Help Your Medical Office

Many medical offices are not large enough to have a full-time receptionist. Commonly, calls are answered by any available staff, including medical billers or nurses. This often leads to staff being constantly distracted from their regular work and increased call wait times.

What Services Does An Answering Service Provide

Medical Offices We Provide Answering Services For

  • Doctor’s Offices (e.g., general practitioners, pediatricians, etc.)
  • Private Practices
  • Multi-Physician Offices
  • Specialty Offices (e.g., dermatologists, allergists, optometrists, OB/OB-GYN, etc.)
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Behavioral/Mental Health
  • Out-Patient Facilities
  • Walk-In Clinics
  • Urgent Care/After-Hour Care Facilities
  • Homebound Health
  • Veterinarian Offices

Eliminate these issues from your medical office and improve your communication with your patients (current and prospective), vendors, and health insurance companies.

Other ways CallStar® Answering Service can help your medical office include the following points.

CallStar® Answering Service Can Help You Manage Peak Call Times

Certain times of the year can bring a heavy influx of phone calls, like the back-to-school season. Increased phone calls can easily be managed by an answering service company with no wait time for your current or new patients. CallStar® answers on the first ring and will handle the call as you have directed.

Our team is well-known for its superior customer service skills, and we are well-staffed to handle busy call periods. We also have bilingual staff to better assist a variety of your patients.

Customizable Call Branding & Handling With CallStar® Answering Service

One of the biggest concerns for any medical office looking to implement a call answering service is that the call answering company becomes an extension of the practice. CallStar® Answering Service will answer calls with a branded message you have approved of and handle calls and inquiries as you deem fit for your medical practice.

We work with you to determine:

  • Which calls are labeled as an emergency and which are not; then transfer the call accordingly or manage the call with information you have approved.
  • How to screen calls that require appointment setting and transfer them in-house to the appropriate staff member.
  • How to answer caller questions, convey patient needs to the responsible party, and collect and record patient information you need for call-backs.

CallStar® Answering Service Provides After-Hours & Emergency Call Dispatching

The need for an answering service after-hours can be beneficial for any medical office looking to get ahead on customer (patient) support, although for some types of offices this need may be higher (like an OB-GYN office compared to a Pediatrist’s office). After-hour phone calls may include medical questions, generic questions, or requests for the on-call doctor/veterinarian.

Having an answering service take your medical office after-hour phone calls, you can free up your own personal time. Our staff can provide general business information such as office locations, collect patient information and direct the call to the after-hours nurse line, or dispatch the on-call doctor (or veterinarian) for emergency calls.  

CallStar Answering Service Provides After-Hours & Emergency Call Dispatching
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Speak to CallStar® About Answering Services For Your Medical Facility

Together, we will create a system to manage your inbound calls to best assist your patients while freeing up time for you and your staff to care for patients already in the office.

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