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Give Your Business A 24/7 Presence

It isn’t possible for many small business owners to be available around the clock. So how do small businesses compete with box stores in providing access to services 24/7? An answering service!

Customers and potential clients seek ease of access as well as quick access. Through an answering service, you can expand your business hours to accommodate your customers’ needs without sacrificing your own time or missing an opportunity.

Businesses such as medical facilities, law offices, and repair-services are some of our common clients who engage in our answering service to provide better access for their customers.

If you are considering adding an answering service to expand your business hours and ability to serve your customers, you'll enjoy these benefits and perks of using CallStar® Answering Service.

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24/7 LIVE Answering - Your customers’ calls are always answered by an actual person—and we are based in the U.S. We are open 24/7, so you can be as well with us answering your calls!

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Custom Phone Greeting - Your calls are answered according to your specifications.

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Flexible Message Delivery - We can forward your messages or emergency service calls via any method you choose—email, call, text, etc.

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Appointment Scheduling - Besides providing the customer service your clients expect when contacting you, we can also handle scheduling appointments for you.

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Reliable Service - We are U.S. based and have standby generators to ensure our call centers stay open to serve your customers.

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No Long Hold Times - We have one of the highest operator-to-call ratios in the industry, so we are always taking your calls!

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