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Does Your Business Have a Complete Business Continuity Plan?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses have had to adapt and realized how important it is to have a plan in place for times of uncertainty. A business continuity plan will help allow your business to work through change without the major setbacks.

So, what is a Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan is an outline that goes over how to handle times of uncertainty when it comes to your business. Things like natural disasters or a pandemic would be handled seamlessly with a business continuity plan. This plan allows business owners and employees create policies and learn how to respond to them in order to recover from situations. Allowing your business to have this plan in place will help to keep things functioning as normal.

Things to consider when creating your business continuity plan:

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Create a business impact analysis to help you and your team creating this plan understand what things are valued at your company in a crisis and how to combat challenges you may face.

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Create a solution for how your business will recover their critical business functions and document them

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Amongst your staff, put together a business continuity team and together make a business continuity plan for managing uncertain times

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Put your employees through a training that explains policies, rules and actions that will be taken from your business continuity plan in case of an emergency

Why should you consider making an answering service a part of your Business Continuity Plan?

When recovering from times of uncertainty or a natural disaster, conducting business as usual seems unrealistic - but with an answering service a part of your team you never have to worry about having a lack of communication.

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Adding an answering service like CallStar® to your business can help in many ways. Our answering services work 24/7/365; there will always be someone available to speak with a representative from your company with an answering service. Also, our company does not operate from your business’s location, so should your business have to close, important operations and communications would not be affected. Answering services like CallStar® prides themselves on quality service and will represent your company with the uppermost respect, even in times of crisis.

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Bringing an answering service on board to your business allows for around the clock communication and leaves your business in great hands when you are closed. Information is always stored for your company and is always relayed back. In times where your business cannot properly function, there will always be a representative there for strong support and communication.

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Resources for creating your Business Continuity Plan

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Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs - National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1600

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Professional Practices for Business Continuity Professionals - DRI International (non-profit business continuity education and certification body)

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Continuity Guidance Circular - Federal Emergency Management Agency

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Open for Business® Toolkit - Institute for Business & Home Safety

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