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Case Study: Pediatric Office's Use of CallStar Answering Services

Pediatrician offices are always on the front line of providing healthcare services to children, and as such, they must maintain high standards of patient care. Parents and caregivers often have many questions, ranging from basic inquiries about office hours and location to more urgent concerns about their child's health. To manage these inquiries, it is important to have a reliable and efficient system in place to ensure that all calls are answered promptly, and patient information is recorded accurately. One option is to use an answering service offered by CallStar.

This case study explores how a growing pediatrician's office decided to use CallStar's answering service to enhance patient care.

Personal details have been excluded to maintain client privacy.

Client Background

The physician opened their pediatrician's office five years ago, and it has been growing steadily ever since. She started with just herself and a receptionist, but now she has two other doctors and a team of nurses and administrative staff. With the increase in patient volume, they realized they needed a better system for handling phone calls. They were struggling to keep up with the volume of calls and were finding it challenging to answer all inquiries quickly and accurately.

The head doctor researched various solutions, including hiring additional staff, but ultimately decided to use an answering service provided by CallStar. CallStar offered a range of services, including answering basic questions regarding office hours and location, taking non-urgent messages, rapidly directing urgent calls to the appropriate on-call doctor, and transferring appointment requests to the appropriate staff member. The service was affordable, and the doctor felt that it would allow her staff to focus on patient care, rather than phone calls.

Implementation of CallStar Answering Service

To implement the CallStar service, the doctor worked with our representative to set up the system. They discussed the types of calls that the service would handle, the information that would need to be recorded, and how urgent calls would be directed to the appropriate on-call doctor.

The doctor and her team provided CallStar with a list of frequently asked questions and answers, as well as a list of the doctors' on-call schedules. CallStar was then able to train our operators to answer questions and take messages according to the protocols established by the pediatrician’s office.

The CallStar service was launched gradually, with the company initially handling only non-urgent calls. This allowed the doctor and her team to evaluate the service and make adjustments as needed. They found that the service was reliable and that the operators were courteous and professional. As a result, they expanded the service to handle all phone calls.

Results of Using CallStar Answering Service

The CallStar service has had a significant impact on the doctor’s practice. First and foremost, it has improved patient care. Calls are now answered promptly and accurately, and patients are directed to the appropriate staff member for their needs. Urgent calls are directed to the on-call doctor quickly, which has helped to prevent delays in care.

Additionally, the CallStar service has allowed the doctor’s team to focus on patient care rather than answering the phone. This has increased efficiency and productivity and has resulted in improved patient satisfaction.

The CallStar service has also been cost-effective. Hiring additional staff to answer the phone would have been much more expensive than using CallStar, and the service has provided a reliable solution that has allowed the pediatric practice to grow.


In conclusion, using an answering service provided by a company such as CallStar can be an effective solution for managing phone calls in a growing pediatrician's office. The service can improve patient care, increase efficiency and productivity, and be cost-effective. The doctor practice has been able to focus on patient care while CallStar handles the phone calls, resulting in improved patient satisfaction and practice growth.

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