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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Answering Service

Those after-hours calls can be a struggling part of a technical or service-based company. Services like plumbing, HVAC, roofing, and other service-based companies receive calls all throughout the day for repair or installation jobs—this is what makes having an on call answering service so important!

What Is an Outsourced Answering Service? 

An outsourced answering service takes your calls after normal office hours, so you and your staff can go home and enjoy your evening. The answering service enables your company to continue answering the calls and needs of wanting customers. These answering service employees are representatives of your company who will listen to the customer and document their information to request a technician of your service to be sent to them.

How Could An Answering Service Be Useful to My Business?

The beauty of an answering service is the employees are trained to answer calls for all kinds of different service-based industries so business owners don't have to worry when leaving their company in the hands of an answering service after hours.

You can also set the rules for the answering service—take calls, document requests, and forward calls that register as an emergency need to your phone or email—so your customers can be taken care of around the clock while freeing up your time by not having to answer the phone and field requests.

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Aside from an answering service benefiting the company’s employees, it also benefits the company’s customers!

How An Answering Service Benefits Your Customers

Here are some perks of adding an answering service to your benefits for the satisfaction of both you and your customers...

  1. Customers always talk to an actual person. Customers love feeling as if their problems are being heard and their problems are valued; something they don't get when their call is answered by an automated message/prompts or voicemail. Your clients will feel more at ease with the idea of your company handling their problem, knowing that they can have real-time conversations and not having to leave a voicemail for the company.
  2. Improve or increase service offerings. A full-time staff dedicated to answer calls (during or after office hours) is expensive for business owners; funds that could be better used towards improving current services for customers—or adding new services. Answering services allow for a low budget alternative to having a full-time phone staff.
  3. Customer service is everything to a business. An answering service allows for a consistent customer service experience that is sure to leave customers feeling confident in your business. Answering service employees are trained to be friendly, helpful, professional, and dedicated through all hours and will always leave customers feeling satisfied at the end of their calls.

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