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Benefits And Perks Of Using CallStar® Answering Service

CallStar® understands a potential client of ours may have specific needs in order to provide their customers with the level of customer service expected from their company. Outsourcing customer service with an answering service may make companies hesitant, but we are here to help clarify what we can do for your business.

Your customers want a company they can turn back to after the sale is complete. It is important you are accessible to them. Whether that means you are able to answer their phone call or email in a timely manner, address their concern or reason for calling, or can speak their language—CallStar® can help you do all of that and more!


If you are considering adding an answering service to your company’s skill sets, consider these helpful benefits and perks of using CallStar® Answering Service.

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Customize Your Answering Service

When you use our answering services, CallStar® transforms into an extension of your business.  We can serve as your customer service department, a receptionist, a service dispatcher, or a scheduler as if we were a part of your in-house staff. We answer phone calls, emails, and respond to messages with the responses you set and the professionalism we have won awards for!

You can determine how all customer interactions can go—from the initial message upon answering your customers’ calls to following a detailed script to ensure the handling of similar calls is consistent.

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Our Answering Service Can Handle Bookings & Appointments

Outsourcing your appointment setting enables you to take care of several things at once. You are able to handle customer scheduling requests, promote customer service and connections, and stay organized while saving yourself time and money by delegating the task to an answering service rather than training a full-time employee.

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Our Team Excels In Customer Service

We have won the ATSI Award of Excellence for the last 17 years. The scoring criteria for this award evaluates response time, courteousness of the answering representative, accuracy of the call, knowledge of the account, and the overall impression of the call. We take pride in our employee training and implementing that training to help other businesses excel in providing their customers and clients with an outstanding overall experience.

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Optimize Sales With Phone Orders

While it is a popular shopping option, online ordering isn’t a feature enjoyed by all. Your answering service can help you to manage customer calls and order entry. This allows you to increase sales while trusting in a professional answering service to provide your customers with a positive interaction with your business.

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Provide 24/7 Tech Support

Technical failures don’t keep a schedule. Having an answering service to help manage tech support claims outside your staff’s traditional hours, can help your business provide superior service. We can walk customers through basic troubleshooting that your company sets and initiate an escalated ticket when further in-house review is needed, helping your company to filter and set priority levels for tech support needs.

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Improve Email Response Times

“Answering” service means more than picking up the phone. We assist businesses in answering the needs of their customers. This extends to email support; we can respond to customer emails around the clock, so each contact feels their inquiry is being addressed in a timely manner. This constant review of incoming emails also allows our team to filter emails and redirect those that may require the attention of a specific member or department of your company.

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Speaking Your Customers’ Language

CallStar® is a U.S. based answering service provider with bilingual staff to help you accommodate a more of your customers when they need to reach you—leading to more satisfied customer interactions with your business.

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Expand Your Business Hours

“Traditional” business hours can make it hard to be competitive in the market but working around the clock isn’t feasible. Adding an answering service enables you to continue to address customer needs and scheduling of services during the times you’d rather be home. We can help your company remain “open”, which can be particularly helpful for companies with a client base in multiple time zones.

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Ansering Services Means No Voicemails, No Wait Times

Our answering service is capable of handling high call volumes, so your staff doesn’t have to feel overwhelmed by continuous calls or letting customers go to voicemail (and managing a timely callback). When customers can reach you immediately, customer satisfaction increases.

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CallStar Answering Service Can Filter and Direct Calls

Another benefit of an answering service provider is the help they provide in filtering out calls, especially for service-based businesses. With the help of CallStar®, you can offer after-hour servicing or emergency servicing without having to stay in the office—and have us work sort through the true priority calls for immediate attention and schedule the rest for attention when your office hours resume. We can also transfer calls to the appropriate department or employee, minimizing disruption to their day from unnecessary calls.

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