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An Answering Service Can Increase Your Profits

Every business profits differently off of their own valuable aspects. What if I told you there was a way to streamline your customer service while increasing your profits at the same time? Hiring an answering service does both of these things!

Here are 4 ways that hiring an answering service can make your business more profitable:

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There is no employee overhead. Hiring an answering service beats hiring a full-time receptionist any day. A full-time receptionist is paid by the hour for 8-10 hours at a time. An answering service is only paid when their services are used, you never pay for the in between downtime. There are no benefits or liabilities you have to worry about with hiring an answering service either.

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It makes your business more accessible. Receptionists have a number of jobs to fulfill at one time while also having to take breaks and take time away for other aspects of the job. This inevitably leads to calls being missed and unhappy, unanswered customers. Our call centers have an above average call acceptance rate and never allow calls to reach over 2 rings before being answered. They are timely, assertive to answer and always compliant with customers.

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It gives your business a positive reputation. A businesses reputation directly correlates to their success. A happy customer leads to a positive review and hiring an answering service almost guarantees your business happy customers. Nothing is worse than calling a business and realizing that you’re talking to a robot. Customers are happier knowing that they're speaking with a live person and will be happier when they receive the reputable customer service that our answering service provides.

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Your business is always one step ahead. While we can always prepare for life’s surprises, there’s always some downfalls to attempting to expect the unexpected. An answering service is always the right answer when it comes to unexpected situations. Whether it be inclement weather conditions, a lack of employees in office one day, or phone line issue in office. Hiring a remote answering service can almost guarantee that no matter what the conditions are someone will be able to asset your customers.

Happy customers lead to a profitable business and hiring an answering service is a great way to increase your businesses profits! Interested in hiring an answering service? CallStar® is an award-winning Tampa based phone answering system/ call center business that can fulfill all of your answering service needs! For more information call us at (800)370-1131 (open 24 hours) and also learn if you can qualify for a free two-week trial!

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