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A Struggling Law Firm Finds Balance—A Call Answering Service Case Study

To preserve client security, the names and locations of this case study were changed, but the benefits this law office received from switching to a call answering service are true.

The Marshall Law Offices is a successful family-owned law firm located in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1965, the firm has grown over the years and now employs 15 attorneys. The attorneys at Marshall Law Offices specialize in various areas of practice: from civil litigation to family law, corporate and real estate law, employee benefits, and more.

The partners at Marshall Law Offices decided to invest in a call answering service to help free up time for their paralegals who were managing the inbound calls previously and to allow the attorneys to better focus on their cases.

There were a few primary reasons for the investment.

  1. The law firm was not always able to answer incoming calls when they came in and potential clients were left on hold or worse, lost.
  1. The attorneys at Marshall Law Offices were overwhelmed with phone calls from potential clients and existing clients. The paralegals and attorneys just did not have the time to answer all the calls and still service their existing clients.
  1. The partners at Marshall Law Offices wanted to ensure that all of their callers who had legal inquiries were provided with the best possible customer service.
  1. The partners at Marshall Law Offices wanted to create a better office culture and promote a healthier work-life balance for their attorneys.
  1. The inability to answer calls put the law office at risk of losing clients and interrupted plans for company growth.

The call answering service that Marshall Law Offices chose is the CallStar 24/7 live answering service. This service is designed to provide the law firm with the highest quality of customer service. Our agents are trained to quickly answer all incoming calls in a professional and helpful manner. In addition, they are able to provide callers with the necessary information, direct them to the appropriate attorney, schedule appointments, answer general questions, and take messages.

Since implementing the call answering service, Marshall Law Offices has seen a positive impact on their business. By having an efficient and helpful call answering service, their attorneys have more time to focus on their cases and their existing clients are better serviced. In addition, the partners have been delighted with the level of customer service that CallStar’s call-answering service provides. The partners at Marshall Law Offices are confident that their investment in the call answering service will not only continue to provide them with a better customer experience but will also give their attorneys more time for their cases and for pursuing a better work-life balance.

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