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3 Customer Service Skills Your Team Must Have

Beyond the desire or need for your product or service that drove a customer to your business, the customer service provided by your team is what usually finalizes your sale, retains them as a loyal customer, and draws in potential leads from word of mouth and good reviews from your happy customer.

Here are a few customer service skills and tips for building these skills within your team.

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Active Listening

This skillset is the process of listening to what your customer tells you and rephrasing what they have said back to them, confirming you have heard and understand what they have told you. When a customer feels heard, not just that the person listened to them talk, but truly had their needs heard they are often more open to solutions presented. Most also report having a good interaction even if the have to compromise on a solution.

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Clear Communication

Working alongside active listening, clear communication is vital to your customers’ experience with your brand. Your employees should actively listen to compliments and complaints and then respond accordingly and without any empty promises.  

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Have Patience

Regardless of why your customer may be calling, emailing, or speaking with you, emphasize to your team to have patience throughout the call. Whether that patience is in understanding your customer or being understood by the customer, providing technical support or information, or deescalating an upset customer who may be taking out their stress on the agent who is handling their issue, keeping a level head, level voice, and empathetic approach can go a long way in turning around an interaction.

The customer service representatives hired and trained by CallStar® are each recruited for their ability to hone these skills or come with prior experience, with these skill sets already established. Our goal is to create a team of customer service representatives who are best equipped to take over the customer service needs of local businesses and national companies.

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