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24/7 Customer Service Is Good For Business

So, how do you make it work for you, so you aren’t on the clock all the time? With an answering service to manage your incoming calls.

A study by Lithium Technologies revealed nearly half (40%) of the online consumers they surveyed expect a response from a company within an hour if they inquire about a product or service. And that is just the expectation for online inquiries—phone calls are a much faster connection.

Operating your business with a 24/7 customer contact line in-house can lead to excessive costs for employee hiring, onboarding, and training. Not to mention, the added stress on your employees to work evening or overnight shifts.

Outsourcing your customer service inbound calls enables you to save money and maintain employee morale while giving customers what they want—the ability to talk to your company whenever they need to.

CallStar can provide branded inbound call answering and help your customers with their inquiries. Here are 5 reasons why making your call line available 24/7 will be good for business.

Brand Loyalty

When a customer knows they can count on you to be there when they need you, you earn their loyalty. This is strengthened by the award-winning customer service CallStar agents provide to your customers on your behalf.

Meet Customer Needs

Your customers use your product on their schedule, so it can be difficult to estimate when they may have a question or recommendation. Being available around the clock ensures your company can be there to answer their questions whenever they come up.

Accidents and Emergencies

Depending on your product or service, your customer may have an emergency requiring your attention (or service)—and emergencies never seem to occur when it is convenient. A call answering service can capture these emergency calls and dispatch an employee to handle the emergency or direct the call to an on-call employee to handle.

9-to-5 Is Outdated

Using a call answering service to enable 24/7 customer service can provide your business with a competitive edge if your leading competitors aren’t offering the same. If they are, it helps keep you in the running for customer attention.

With the rise of remote work and freelancers, people now work their own flexible schedules, which may include odd hours. Accommodating the needs of all possible consumers by being always available to them, strengthens your company’s stance as a provider of services and customer care.

Beat Out The Competition

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Call Answering Services Can Be Good For Business

It is without a doubt that customers want to do business with a company they trust and can rely on. Being available to them 24/7 is one major way to show that you meet these needs. A call answering service company is a cost-effective way of making it happen.

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