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Medical Answering Service

CallStar provides the most robust set of HIPAA compliant call center services in the Tampa Bay market.

Many years ago Cindy and I learned that doctors and the healthcare community require a very specialized medical answering service.
We designed our company to exceed the need.

Doctors need a medical answering service with a highly trained and motivated staff.

Every CallStar employee attends our exclusive CallStar Customer Service School. CallStar has earned the Association of Teleservices International Award of Excellence for the past 11 years. Plus, every call is digitally recorded to evaluate the quality of our services.

Doctors have complicated on call schedules

CallStar utilizes the Spectrum on call manager that can program complex on call schedule years in advance and present the results instantly so operators contact the correct on-call person.

The medical answering service must be HIPAA-HITECH compliant

Your privacy is our priority. CallStar is HIPAA certified, and the CallStar Secure encrypted messaging app for doctors and providers IOS and Android smartphones and office desktops is available now. Plus, our Secure every CallStar employee is HIPAA trained tested and certified.

The medical answering service must staff properly so there are not long hold times and busy signals

CallStar maintains one of the highest operator-to-call ratios in the industry. Plus, CallStar offers employees the highest paying wages in the Tampa Bay area.

The medical answering service should have a robust call handling system

CallStar employs a CenturiSoft  IVR system that answers callers on the first ring and plays a custom time sensitive greeting. We invested in the CenturiSoft to deal with the crush of calls doctors offices get during peak hours and holidays from patients who just want to know when you’ll be open again.  Callers can press zero for an operator or press 2 to leave a non urgent voice-mail message for the office, or hang-up once they know when you’ll be open again. Why pay an operator to tell the caller when you will be open again. This frees up an operator for more important calls. You’ll like the fact that prescreen callers who listen and hang-up are FREE.

Doctors need a medical answering service that has all the tools to notify them of important messages.

No matter how they want to be reached with important messages: live phone call; pager; e-mail; sms text-to-cell; or fax. Just in case of device failures CallStar verifies every Stat, doctor-to-doctor and emergency calls by following up with the caller within 15 minutes to verify the doctor called them.

The service must be reliable

CallStar is located in a non-evacuation zone and has a stand-by John Deere 60 KW automatic diesel generator to power the entire operation. Our server room and all operator workstations are protected by a 13 KVA ferrups on-line Powerware UPS.  For extra reliability CallStar has triple internet sources and triple phone carriers.

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