CallStar earns international award

On August 5, 2020

ATSI award of excellenceCallStar earned the Association of Teleservices International’s annual Award of Excellence for the 16th year in a row.

How does CallStar do it?

CallStar President Cindy Baur said ” We provide the most rigorous training, coaching and monitoring in the industry.We follow the monitoring criteria ATSI uses in their annual Award of Excellence calls they make anonymously to us during qualifying.”

Every operator, every week has 3 calls out of their 500 pulled aside — all calls are digitally recorded for quality — and each of those three calls is monitored by a supervisor and evaluated by 15 criteria and points:


  1. Answer phrase spoken correctly: 5pts
  2. Uses name when answers: 5pts
  3. Offer to take a message: 5pts
  4. Let’s caller know how message will be handled: 5pts
  5. Follows script: 5pts
  6. Confirms spelling of last name: 10pts
  7. Two “Pleases”: 5pts
  8. One “Thank You”: 5pts
  9. Verify phone number and area code: 5pts
  10. Verify all required info (Addresses, DOB, Etc) 10pts
  11. Ask regards: 5pts
  12. If No Slang: 5pts
  13. Assures message delivery: 5pts
  14. Refers to caller by name twice: 5pts
  15. WoW factor/Nice/Patient/No Robotic Voice: 15pts

Then, those three calls and their scores are presented to the operator with comments of praise or correction.

“This year we earned the Platinum Plus Award of Excellence for achieving 16 years straight of excellent customer service.”

“And, our outstanding operators achieved our highest scores ever.” Said Tom Baur CallStar Vice President.

CallStar’s incredible achievements are a testament to the value of training, coaching and monitoring.